I'm so thankful to be part of my clients' journeys towards better health. Here are a few of their experiences.

Because I didn’t have my daughters till later in life, I decided after my second child I really needed to make some healthier lifestyle choices to set a good example for them. Knowing that a healthy lifestyle is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise, I knew I would need to seek help with nutrition and that’s when I went to Deidre to help me with a plan that’s right for me. Knowing diets are not a one size fits all, Deidre asked me questions about my lifestyle and family history to design the perfect plan for me.

After three months of following my nutrition program and working out 4-5 times per week, I lost 19 pounds and two pants sizes. I most definitely have more energy today than I did three months ago and I no longer have the stomach issues I had from eating so many processed foods. My BIGGEST accomplishment though, is lowering my A1C from a 5.1 (which is pre-diabetic) to a 4.6 (which is that of a normal, healthy person). With my family history of diabetes and my own diagnosis of gestational diabetes, this accomplishment alone makes me want to strive for this to be a permanent lifestyle change and one that my family can easily adhere to as well.

If you are looking to make healthy lifestyle changes, I strongly urge you to reach out to Deidre and check out Always Growing on Facebook for promotions, delicious recipes, nutritional information and inspiring articles.
— Angela
I’m a 46-year-old woman who has struggled with my weight for the last 15 years. Ten years ago I lost 60 lbs. and kept most of it off until I tried to quit smoking and gained 20 lbs., and for 3 years I was unable to budge from that. I started CrossFit in November 2015 and even with working out more I still couldn’t loose more weight.

I met with Deidre in January she set me up on a plan, and I’m happy to say I have lost 14 lbs. In the first 3 weeks of her plan, I lost 10 lbs. Not only have I lost weight, but my energy and confidence has been up ever since. It’s amazing how much you really get to eat. I have been be really happy with my results and I’m still working on it.

Deidre is there to help you through any struggles or questions you might have. She really knows what she’s doing.
— Barb T.
Deidre knows my history with unhealthy habits and I am grateful for her encouraging me how to properly use macros and live a healthy lifestyle.

I am seeing amazing results, and they are real. She provides sustainable, real solutions that can help create a better life for years to come.
— Crystal
Deidre and Always Growing have totally knocked it out of the park with my nutrition plans. Mine is a hard one too; I am vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and low sugar (ex. no fruit). I have lost body fat, gained muscle and increased performance (noticed a big difference on the slopes this year) and have been SUPER happy and WELL fed!
— Taylor