Fierce - Women's 2-Week Weight Loss Program

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Fierce - Women's 2-Week Weight Loss Program

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The Fierce 2-Week Weight Loss Program was created for women looking to lose weight without using a crash diet. The program is designed to give you the tools to create a sustainable diet to change your lifestyle and see amazing results in your body composition. 

This is a digital download and will be sent to you immediately upon purchase. 

The program is broken down into individual days to focus on one topic per day. The program can also be read in its entirety for full clarity before beginning. 

Fierce includes:
A full breakdown of Guideline for Success and daily information
2 weeks of grocery lists
2 weeks of meal plans
Recipes for all recommended meals 

Each day covers one topic in depth to give you an understanding of why each factor is important the nutrition plan. 
Day 1 - Guidelines for Success
Day 2 - Water Intake
Day 3 - Compulsive Eating & Cravings
Day 4 - Meal Preparation
Day 5 - Protein
Day 6 - Healthy Fats
Day 7 - Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs
Day 8 - Diet Psychology
Day 9 - Muscle vs. Fat & Plateaus
Day 10 - Coffee & Caffeine
Day 11 - Finding Balance
Day 12 - Sugar
Day 13 - Eating Well while Eating Out
Day 14 - Energy